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The visit to Blacklion Pet Hospital

Our philosophy is to charge a fair and transparent fee for our services, one that allows us to pay our staff a decent salary commensurate with their experience and commitment and to also continue to invest in equipment and ongoing training.


In return our promise is to offer you excellent service and value for money.


We will however always try to match a like-for-like fee from any veterinary practice in the area that has also been accredited 'Veterinary Hospital' status by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.


Never hesitate to ask us to match a price if ours is higher, we will do our best for you.

Some benefits of coming to Blacklion Pet Hospital:

  • So that you can plan your day and so that you are seen on time all our consultations and surgery are by appointment only
  • For emergencies - we will always see you immediately but please call first so we are ready for you
  • Free puppy and kitten health checks
  • Free health check for new pets to the practice (for both new and existing clients)
  • Discounted first 'sick pet' consultation for new clients

For pets who come to us for the Annual Health Assessment & Vaccination:

  • Free 6 monthly health check
  • Free nail clip
  • Free weight clinic
  • Discount off annual vaccinations if pet comes in during month vaccines are due
  • The Consultation
  • Operations & Procedures
  • New Puppies and Kittens
  • Costs
  • Insurance
  • Payment Information

The Consultation

At Blacklion Pet Hospital we run 15 minute consultation slots with the vet and endeavour to run on time. We try never to rush through a consultation and will always give as much time as is needed to take a full history, listen to your concerns and thoughts, perform a thorough examination and discuss with you our findings and treatment plan. Some vet practices offer 10 or even 8 minute consultation slots. We will never do this as it means we just could not give you the time needed to do the best for your pet. We also keep very detailed clinical records on our computerised record system ensuring nothing is ever forgotten or overlooked.

If during the consultation it becomes clear that we need more time with your and your pet than we currently have available or if we need to get records from a previous vet we will discuss rescheduling for a prolonged consultation later that day or in the following days. There will be no extra fee charged at the next visit if that is the case.

We do try to run on time so that you and our other patients will be seen at the appointed time. However sometimes emergencies come in that have to be seen immediately or we have a case that is very complicated that takes a little longer than anticipated. Both of these mean we can fall a little behind on occasion. We will let you know if that is the case, please accept our apologies if we are running a little late. 

Operations & Procedures

All elective operations and procedures are by appointment. We will find a day to suit you and will try to fit with your schedule. We ask that pets are dropped off to us between 8:30am and 9:30am. Unless we give different instructions they must be fasting from 10:00pm the previous night - this ensures a safer anaesthetic, so if they have eaten by accident please tell us.

New Puppies and Kittens

For new puppies and kittens for their first vaccinations and for more complex cases where we need to take a detailed history (such as dermatology) we will book a 30 minute slot for you, at no additional fee, so that we can take plenty of time to go over everything in detail with you.

We offer a free health check for all puppies and kittens. At this visit we will ensure your pet is well and will advise on what vaccines and parasite treatments are required and when. If they are needed at that visit we can, if you wish, go ahead and do these but you are under no obligation to do them. if we go ahead with the vaccinations etc, the normal fee for vaccinations and medications will then apply.


Whilst we offer many free services and will always give free advice to you in the waiting room or on the telephone, we charge a consultation fee for the vet to see your pet. Our consultation fee is less than a GPs but we have to charge VAT as well on top of that fee - doctors do not have to charge VAT.

Please ask for an estimate of costs when booking but please be aware that additional costs of medications, tests, surgery and other treatments will vary depending on what the vet finds with your pet. Your vet will discuss these costs with you at the consultation and will not progress without your permission.

For routine procedures such as vaccinations, neuterings, microchipping etc we can give you an exact quote over the phone - please call. We will always match and hopefully beat any like-for-like fee offered in an accredited Veterinary Hospital in North Wicklow or South Dublin.

Nurse weight clinics are free.


Please let us know if you have pet insurance so that we can complete a claim form for you. Where we can claim directly from your insurance company we will do so if you wish. Doing direct claims adds quite a degree to administration but we are happy to oblige our clients and we change no extra fee for doing direct claims. Please be aware that you will always be liable for the excess and if your insurance company refuses to cover your account then you wil be liable to pay us in full.

Payment Information

We can, if absolutely required, offer limited credit facilities for emergency treatment for existing clients with a history of full and complete settlement of their accounts over the years. Notwithstanding this, we please ask that you only request this facility as a last resort as we cannot always accede to any credit request. We cannot give credit on food, medications or laboratory testing.

Unpaid accounts are pursued vigorously - not to do so would be unfair and unjust on the vast majority of our clients who pay their account in full.

Whilst we will always endeavour to help animals in need in any way we can we unfortunately cannot offer credit facilities to new clients or to clients with no credit history with us and ask that all fees are settled at time of discharge.

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