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Have Fun!

Have many years of fun with your new best friend

You love your pet, so you deserve to have many years of fun with your new best friend.

A Dog is…

  • A true family friend but dependent on owner for companionship and exercise
  • Active and talkative (yes, that can mean ‘yappy’!) loyal and fun

Dogs are generally happy with the simple things in life. They love walks and runs in the park, in the woods, in the field. Most love chasing a ball or other toy, splashing in and out of water, getting in the mud and making a mess. They’re loyal, obedient (if you train them), and full of fun.

From the first day they enter your life all nervous and trembling until the sad day they depart, they will love you above anyone else, no matter what, no matter when.

They’ll do tricks because they want to please you, they’ll slobber on you, (and take some training to remember shoes are not toys and the kitchen lino is not the toilet)!


They need to be walked, but then again you need the walk so that’s fine.



And you will find yourself suddenly meeting and having chats about doggie ‘escapades’ with folks at work, dog-lovers in the park, random bystanders.

A Cat is…

  • Resourceful and independent – a loving owner is a luxury, not a necessity
  • Asleep over 12 hours a day, eager to play games and share life with those they like

Cats love themselves and their comfort. They’ll give you joy by purring, by welcoming you home, by acting as a furry hot water bottle asleep on your lap. If in the bedroom, they make good alarm clocks …if you like alarm clocks that paw you and stare at you closely as you awake.

They’ll make you feel great because they have, after careful consideration and comparison with alternative residencies, and much deliberation with the local Feline Accommodation Advisory Committee, decided to allow you to live in their house and let you think you are their ‘owner’. Little do you know!



They may occasionally present you with a (possibly still alive) bird, mouse, or creepy-crawly, to show you they are deadly, effective hunters and to check out your ability to handle live prey. You are reminded that you are truly honoured and privileged to be allowed to live with them!

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