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Pet Advice

Preventative healthcare is always the best policy

Pet Health Guide

You’ve carefully considered all that is involved in having a pet and you’ve decided to get just the right one for you and your circumstances. Fantastic – you’ll have a great time and will derive immense pleasure from this wonderful relationship. Now learn in more detail how to care for the pet you love to the best of your ability to ensure a long, happy, healthy life.

Caring for your pet properly is quite simple: all you have to do is have some common sense, refrain from spoiling your pet TOO much, be considerate of your neighbours (no late night barking!), have plenty of fun and follow the Ten Commandments of Responsible Pet Ownership as espoused by the Veterinary Ireland (the veterinary profession’s representative body) as well as the Irish Veterinary Nursing Association.

​Our job is not only to be there for you when your pet is sick and in need of veterinary attention but also to be available for advice on your pet's day-to-day care. Unsure about what food to use, when and how to worm your pet, is it normal for them to behave the way they are? These are all the questions we can answer for you, it's never a bother. Call us at any time.

​All good pets deserve top class veterinary care - why not join our LoveMyPet Health Plan to make this even more affordable! For a monthly fee you can budget for your pet's vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, veterinary consultations when sick, annual blood and urine tests, annual dental cleaning, neutering, discounted pet food and much, much more. Please feel free to ask our nursing team for more advice on what plan is best for your pet or simply click here to learn more.

Responsible Pet Ownership

  • 1. Annual Health Assessment & Vaccinations
  • Food 2. Feed the right food
  • 3. Neuter Early
  • 4. Microchip Identification
  • 5. Pet Health Insurance
  • 6. Dental Care
  • 7. Prevent Parasites
  • 8. Keep slim, fit and mobile
  • 9. Have fun

1. Annual Health Assessment & Vaccinations

The basis for routine preventative health care for your pet is their annual check up to find problems before they get too big and keeping them safe by vaccinating them for fatal diseases.

Find out more here 


Food 2. Feed the right food

"You are what you eat" 

This applies to your pets as much as it does to us. A good quality complete diet is best for your pet and works out better value than you may think. Our nursing team is the best source of advice. 

Find out more here 

3. Neuter Early

With rare exceptions it is best to neuter your pet early:

Males by 5-6 months of age, females at same age and before their first season.

If you get other advice - "leave her have a litter" - it's wrong! Early neutering prevents many problems.

Find out more here 

4. Microchip Identification

At just €25 in Blacklion, there's no reason not to do it for all cats and dogs to ensure your pet gets home to you. From 2016 all dogs have to be microchipped and registered on a government approved database - it's the law! 

Read more on microchipping 

5. Pet Health Insurance

A must have really. It's a great comfort to know you can chose to do the best for your pet if they get injured or become ill. Surgery for a broken leg could be over €1000, or a cataract removal €1600 or more. Insurance ensures peace of mind.

Read more on Insurance 

6. Dental Care

85% pets develop dental problems by age three, causing bad breath, pain and illness. We offer best advice on how to reduce this developing and then when required we have a full in house dental suite. Alan is a member of the Irish Veterinary Dentistry Society.

Read more on dental care 

7. Prevent Parasites

Worms, ticks, fleas, mites - they can all live in or on your pet. Sometimes just gross but other times they can cause pain, illness and death.

If you need convincing that prevention is far better than treatment, see some video nasties right here!

Read more on parasites 

8. Keep slim, fit and mobile

The right food, the right amount.

Play time for cats, walkies for dogs.

It's really easy but sometimes they get chubby and inactive. And when older they can get stiff and sore. Your vet can help keep them slim, fit and mobile. 

Read more on slim 

9. Have fun

The most important commandment of all. If we can follow the all the other 9 to keep our little friend happy, fit and healthy then we can feel free to enjoy their company without a care in the world. 

Dogs will love going for a walk, a play in the park, a sniff at other doggies they meet. Happy and cheerful they'll give you back the love you show them multiple times over. 

Cats are clever and affectionate, love to sit on your lap or wrap themselves around your shoulders. They love their home and will bring you back their prey to show you how much they love you/how deadly they still are (delete as you see fit!).

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Choosing Your Pet

Choosing Your Pet

A life-long commitment, a life-long pleasure.  Advice and information on your first steps to owning your new furry family member 

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis

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Senior Pets

Senior Pets

Time ticks on for all of us, it's important to remember that old age is not a disease itself but our pets are more likely to suffer from certain conditions as they age

Arthritis In Pets

Arthritis In Pets

Most pets will get some degree of arthritis as they age, ​as your pet gets older you may notice them slowing up a little or appearing stiff

Your Pet's Passing

Your Pet's Passing

Losing a pet is heartbreaking, we will always be here for you every step of the way, with the right advice and a compassionate shoulder to lean on

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