COVID-19 Emergency Measures
We are open and here but please do not come to the practice for anything without calling us.
If you or any member of your household are unwell or have been diagnosed with or are awaiting testing for COVID-19 or otherwise in isolation, you must tell us on the phone.
30/3/2020 Update
Due to the new restrictions we can now only see emergency and urgent cases  - some routine non-urgent visits will need to be postponed - but we are here so please call us if you have any concerns or need any advice for your pet. 
We remain available for food and repeat medication sales - please e-mail your order or call to order and pay before coming down to collect. Do not come without calling us first.
Preferably buy your pet food on our online shop and it will be delivered to you.
If you are unable to travel to us we will arrange food/medication to be delivered to you.

If your pet is anyway unwell please call us. Our nurses will do an initial triage assessment by phone and, if having taken a history and so on the vet is satisfied to make a diagnosis and prescribe medications then they will do so and you can collect the medications at the practice. We will email an invoice and you can pay by phone before coming down.

If the vet feels this is an emergency or urgent case then we will arrange a visit.

We remain available for pet food and repeat medications but they must be pre-ordered and paid for by telephone. You can also email the order to When you arrive please call us and we will drop them to your car.

Food can also be ordered on on our online shop and will be delivered to your home.

Dr Alan Rossiter MVB here. I will be taking the lead responsibility regarding COVID-19 in Blacklion Pet Hospital.

I will be giving regular updates on the evolving situation as we have more information and as government advice changes over the coming period. I will keep the advice short and succinct, based on the best available science and with the aim of protecting you, your families and our staff whilst at the same time remaining available to look after your pets as best we can.

We will of course remain open and operating as close to normal a service as possible. If we do have to close for a period we have contingencies in place to ensure other local vets can look after your pets for that period and that you can get repeat medications from them. If that time ever arises we will let you know what do to here, by email and by text message.

If you or any of your family are exhibiting any respiratory tract symptoms, or if you have been asked to self-isolate by the authorities, please do not come in. If your pet is unwell, or if you need food or medications for your pet, please call us and we will do as much as we possibly can to help.

So as to reduce your need to come in to us be it that you are unwell or in self-isolation, or indeed should we have to close for a period, we have expedited the launch of our online pet store where you can buy your pet foods and have them delivered to your home the next working day. Please see it here.

As health professionals we are used to dealing with infectious diseases and we have the knowledge, experience and materials needed to ensure the highest standards of clinical hygiene on the premises throughout the day. In addition I have first hand experience of dealing with an infectious disease epidemic - I was a UK Government vet during the Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic in 2001/2 and, whilst this is on a different scale, the first principles in what is needed to be done to reduce spread are exactly the same. In short - we know what to do and you can depend on us to do the right thing to protect you and your families.

Having performed a scientific risk assessment our aim initially is to reduce the numbers of people mixing in the waiting room as well as minimise close person-to-person contact in the consultation room.

To achieve these ends initially we have put in place the following rules:

1. All visits are to be by appointment only. Please do not come down without calling us first. We will see emergencies as fast as we possibly can, as ever, but please call us first. We are leaving a 15 minute gap between appointments so as to reduce the in-out flow so this may mean we will have somewhat less capacity - please understand if we cannot see you at the time you prefer.

2. When you are coming please make sure it is one person only with your pet. If it is essential that more than one person attend please call us to discuss in advance.

3. Please wait in your car and call us to let us know you have arrived. When we are ready to see you we will call you in. Please go straight into the consultation room and take a seat. The vet will take matters from there.

4. If you have children - please do not bring them. We love having families in as you all know and I love the bit of fun with all the kids but until this crisis has passed it's best they do not attend. If you must bring your children with you - which is of course understandable if they cannot be left at home alone - please leave them in the car if they are old enough. If they are too young to stay in the car then we can collect your pet and drop them back to you, and the vets can discuss everything with you at the car or by phone.

5. For repeat medications and for pet food please call us with at least 24 hours notice so that we can have them ready for you. Have a look in the window and if there are a few people in the waiting room please wait outside until people leave. We can if you like drop your medications or food to the car if you like, just call when you arrive.

6. Where at all possible please pay by card, contactless is available. If a PIN is required we will sanitise the card machine between use. Alternatively - if you trust us! - we can type in your pin for you if you like. We can also accept bank transfer payment if asked. If ordering food/medications by phone you can pay over the phone at that time.

7. If you are unable to come in - be it that you are unwell or you wish to self-isolate - we will do everything we can to help. Call us and we will look after you and your pet as best we can. We will happily drop repeat prescriptions to the home if you are in this situation.

8. If you are facing financial difficulties due to reduced income during this period and your pet is unwell - please call me, I will do all I can to look after you and our little friends during this time.

9. Please please please be patient with our brilliant and caring staff if there are delays, we are all doing our best but all of these extra precautions are going to slow up things a little.

To conclude - we will get through this. The steps our government is taking and the advice being given is excellent - if it wasn't I would say so - so please do what we are advised.

We will look after each other, we will be kind to each other, we will do all that we have to do to protect the vulnerable. If we all stick together and do what we are advised life will get back to normal in the medium term. Never in our lifetimes have we faced anything like this but never in the history of humankind have we been better able to find a cure and develop a vaccine for a pandemic like this.

It will get better, we will mind each other and we will persevere.


New clients and pets welcome

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Free meet & greet visit for all new pets

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The Blacklion Online Pet Store

All your pet's needs. Delivered tomorrow!

Your New Pup, Kitten or Rescue Pet

What you need to know and do for your new friend


As your vet we're right here to help you and your new pet get settled and off on a good foot (or 4). For all clients, both new and existing, we offer a free health & happiness check for all new puppies, kittens or bunnies or indeed new pets of any age - contact us the day you get your pet to arrange. 

For all NEW CLIENTS we also offer the same courtesy for all your pets - we are delighted to welcome you in for a free 'meet & greet' visit, please contact us to book.

Puppy and Kitten Vaccination at the Greystones Pet Vet

At this visit we'll perform a full physical exam ensuring there's nothing to worry about. We will also discuss, plan and go over the costs of the following for you:

  • Vaccinations to protect your pet - for pups & kittens 2 vaccinations 2-4 weeks apart, then annually after that.

  • Transferring your pet's medical records from their old vet (for new clients with existing pets)

  • Parasite treatment (fleas, ticks, worms, ear mites).

  • Microchip identification (including checking the registration of your pet's existing microchip).

  • Advice on nutrition, training, neutering, pet health insurance, dental care, agre related health screens, etc.

All pets who come to us for their vaccinations receive a free monthly health check until 6 month of age and discounted neutering when done at 5-6 months of age, as well as free nail clips for life!

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Open Now in Ranelagh

Blacklion Pet Hospital is delighted to announce the opening of our new sister veterinary clinic in Ranelagh. With our senior vet Dr Alan Rossiter MVB as the Clinical Director, Beechwood Vets will offer to pets of Dublin 6 & 4 the excellent standard of care and personalised service that Blacklion Pet Hospital have been providing to the pets of Greystones and environs over the last four decades. 

Ah for pugs' sake, let's get this sorted!

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Love Your Pet!

Designed by Veterinary Ireland and adopted by the ISPCA and Dogs Trust as the cornerstone of how to care and look after you pet, The 10 Commandments of Responsible Pet Ownership is the definitive guide. Whether you're thinking of getting a new pet or you have one already everything you need to know is right in here.

The PetGuide

Complementing the 10 Commandments we have our Blacklion Pet Hospital PetGuide, a great resource with articles on many topics and access to our Pet Health Library. For training see ZenPets. If you have any queries not covered in any of these don't forget you can just ask us and we'll get back to you.

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It's the law!

All puppies must be microchipped before they are sold or supplied and the breeder must supply a certificate of microchip registration and change of ownership form. 


If you know your pet's microchip number you can check to see if it is registered by going to We can also check your pet's microchip registration & correct it for you if need be.


No microchip? No problem! We can microchip and register your pet for just €30, with discounts for litters. To protect your pet and to comply with the law, call us!

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Dog in pain with severe tartar and gingivitis

No pet ever should nor need get this bad

Our senior vet Alan Rossiter - a founding member of the Irish Veterinary Dentistry Society - has a special interest in veterinary dentistry and is happy to see second opinion and referral cases.

Atopic (allergic) dermatitis in a dog
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vet greystones vet blacklion vets behaviour training dog cat puppy kitten

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