Pet Behaviour and Training


Mark McCorry RVN BScAAB (Registered Veterinary Nurse and Bachelor of Science in Advanced Animal Behaviour) is our in-house pet behaviour and training specialist, running his own pet behaviour clinic ZenPets. Mark is here on-line with some great advice and tips and is also available to see you and your pet both in the practice and for home-visits.


"A well trained pet is a happy pet" according to Mark, "and when your pet is well trained and is happy well then it means you will be a happy owner!" 


"There is no need to suffer from behaviours that make your life miserable. In almost all circumstances these can be quickly rectified by following the correct advice and being consistent in your approach. The key is identify the issue, understand why it is happening and how it can be modified and then apply your plan. We always work to reward the good behaviour and use positive reinforcement. This makes for a happy and well behaved pet." 


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