Halloween sanctuary for pets

Halloween can be a fun time, but sadly most of our pets are naturally afraid of sudden loud noises. There is a lot we can do to help our furry friends cope with this time of year & now is the time to start implementing these changes.

1. Set up a safe hiding place (use a crate or behind the sofa) - wherever your pet wants to hide. Make it feel safe & secure by covering it with blankets (this will also help dampen firework noises).

2. Make this den a fun place to be by hiding treats, stuffed Kongs & toys in there for your dog to find - if the den makes its own treats & toys - "DEN IS GOOD!!"

3. Use an Adaptil plug in or collar or Feliway plug in for your feline friend to help keep them relaxed during this time. Plug it in at least two weeks before fireworks.

4. Walk your dog earlier in the day now to help create a new routine so you can avoid being out when fireworks are happening.

Watch this great video on how to set up a safe den area for your pet to help keep them calm and safe over the Halloween period.

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