Microchip your pet - it's the law!

From 1st September 2015 all puppies must be microchipped and registered on an Government Approved Database such as www.fido.ie before they are sold or supplied and the breeder must supply the purchaser with a certificate of microchip registration and change of ownership form - just like a car.

From March 2016 all dogs, even older ones, will by law have to be microchipped and registered.

Also when being sold or rehomed the owner must supply a certificate of registration and complete a change of ownership form. A microchip that's not registered on an Approved Database is no use - there's no way of telling who is the owner - and also not legal. If you know your pet's microchip number you can check to see if it is registered by going to www.chipcheck.ie. We can also check your pet's microchip registration (for free, and it's easier for you than doing it yourself) & correct it for you if need be. A small one-off fee of €15 applies to cover the database fee if a new registration is needed, amendments are generally free of charge.

No microchip? No problem!

In Blacklion Pet Hospital can microchip and register your pet for just €30, with discounts for litters. Call us on 01 2875283 to book.

But....thanks to sponsorship by Dogs Trust we have a limited supply of FREE microchips for dogs - please call to book. First come, first served.

For more information on microchipping see here.

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